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Our Refinishing Technique is Superior To The Conventional Method Of Scraping It Down!

With over 25 years experience plastering entire homes to small patches, we offer a unique non invasive method to refinish these old ceilings without disturbing the old popcorn texture. In fact, the rough popcorn texture helps bond the new plaster to the old ceiling due to it's rough profile. The best part is, we can refinish an old ceiling in less than a day with no mess or dust to clean up! 

1) Adding a skip trowel finish is one of the most beautiful inviting finishes you can add to a ceiling currently, It not only adds depth but character to what otherwise would just be a plain smooth ceiling. Skip trowel is fitting for both traditional or contemporary themes or even a traditional contemporary room...(see images below)

2) If your not a fan of having a skip trowel textured ceiling, We also offer a smooth finish for an added charge. The reason there is an added charge for a smooth finish is simple, it takes 3 times as long to smooth the final coat as opposed to a skip trowel finish. This task is completed by applying many, many passes with a trowel until we achieve an ultra smooth finish (there is no sanding involved with our smoothing process) therefore there is no dust to clean up!!!

Photo's of a Popcorn  Kitchen Ceiling  Refinished In 1 Day Using a Smooth Finish!!!

NOTE: All Work Is Guaranteed for 1 Year!!!