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Ryan Walters- N. Myrtle     11/22/16'

I purchased a rental home in N. Myrtle 2 years ago, I slowly have been updating since then. I tried scraping down some of the popcorn ceiling in the smaller bedroom, let's just say that was a huge regret! A mess is an understatement! A friend of mine recommended that I call Vince, he did work for him 2 years ago and he was more than satisfied with the work and the fair price he quoted.  I took his advice and called Vince, Sure Glad I did, he scheduled my job in within a week and was done in 2 days refinishing the living area and both bedrooms (one was were I removed the popcorn from) The price for his service was so affordable I couldn't imagine going about this any other way!!!

Frank Hurtz- Garden City  3/25/17'

I purchased my 3rd rental home in Garden City this year in January, it was built in the mid 70's and had popcorn ceilings throughout :( I had my last 2 rentals scraped and spackled and it was messy and costly to say the least. I saw Vince at the Home Depot loading up his truck with material and I stopped to ask him if he did popcorn removal? Little did I know he offered an alternative technique that literally makes no mess or dust! I'm so glad I went to the Depot that day for furnace filters, otherwise I would have spent double as much as I had and would have been cleaning for months! Thank you again Vince, your the best!!!

Jennifer Dublin- Murrells Inlet  5/18/17'

Vince came to our home last month and explained the process and the plaster technique that he uses to refinish over old popcorn. He showed us samples of his work and scheduled the job for the beginning of May and was here and gone in 1 day, our ceiling looks AMAZING! He cleaned up nice and was professional the entire time, we will be using his service again!

Michelle Albright-Georgetown 8/23/17'

Hired Vince to Refinish our bathroom walls and popcorn ceiling for a newer look, Glad we did! AMAZING WORK! We are planning on having him come back next year to refinish our living area and bedrooms. Thank you again for the great work!

Greg- Loris 9/10/17'

I got Vince's card from a friend of mine who he did work for this spring, he spoke highly of him and now I can see for myself why! Hard to find contractor's who still take pride in their work.

Brian Navarro-Myrtle 12/18/17'

I came across Vince's ad on CL when i was searching for a local popcorn removal service. I was very relieved to see a contractor offering a simple solution to what I originally understood to be a daunting task. Vince came to my home and explained the process and showed me his signature skip trowel texture. My original thought was, it was okay, but I was always used to seeing smooth ceilings, but i allowed him to perform it anyway since he told me he could always make it smooth if I wasn't satisfied with the result. Let me just say, when he was finished, I never seen a ceiling look that beautiful, in fact I really never paid attention much to any ceiling before. Now, everyday I stare at my ceiling while enjoying my morning coffee in disbelief with the beautiful transformation, it's night and day! Vince is a true Artisan!!!

Steeve Freedman-Surfside 2/25/18

I had the popcorn removal experience 6 years ago in my first home I purchased in Garden City, I vowed to never try that again! I came across Vince's ad when I was searching for local painters on CL for my new home I purchased here in Surfside, The headline in his ad resonated very loudly with me (No mess, No Dust!). Yes, I thought, the answer to my problems and it was, shoot it was so inexpensive I couldn't imagine anyone deciding to go the alternative route, not to mention the extra costs and Mess that is included...Excellent work, Excellent workmanship!!! Thanks Vince

Kyle Corzett-Forestbrook 3/5/18'

His technique is a lifesaver! Vince showed up on time at 8am and was finished by 3pm that day and like he says, no mess!  I more than pleased with my new ceiling, extremely gracious Vince!

Merideth Volpato- Wilson Landing 4/14/18'

My popcorn ceiling removal project was quickly heading in the wrong direction quickly before I found Vince! I hired a local popcorn removal company from Google ( I don't wish to mention their name), the salesmen Mike that came to my home for the estimate was quite the talker, he assured me everything was to be kept tidy and clean with minimal mess and it shouldn't take more than 2 days total. Well, I agreed to let them start the job that week (what a mistake) which he said if I did they would take 10% off the job. His crew came the next day, they didn't speak a lick of English, they just pointed to the ceiling when I answered the door. They laid down some cheap plastic and started spraying water at the ceiling with a large spray bottle, the over-spray was going everywhere all over my uncovered furniture! I asked if they could be more careful, which they just mumbled something to one another and began scraping at my ceiling. They scraped for what seemed like hours, then they left for lunch and never returned that day? The mess they made was left everywhere, a lot of it did not even land on the plastic they laid down! I called Mike immediately to ask what in the world is going on, go figure I only got his voicemail which said it could not except anymore messages (Are you kidding me).  I took it upon myself to clean up all the mess that they created that day and set it out for trash, I figured I would have my say with them when they returned in the morning! The next morning came and went and guess who never showed up? yep, you guessed it! I called Mike 5 more times that day until he finally answered, he fed me some lame excuse that his workers went to lunch and ate something bad and got sick and that they would be back tomorrow to finish. I asked if he would make sure they would be more careful and considerate while they worked in my home. Mike snapped back at me and said, listen lady, nobody wants to do this messy S##t work to begin with, just be happy we were willing to take your job on! It took all of my patience not to unload on him on the phone, I explained to Mr Mike where he could go and told him and his men not to step foot back on my property! I am really glad I did not pay him any money upfront, otherwise I'm certain I would not have recieved a refund.

I found Vince's Ad that day when I went on CL to try and find someone else to pick up where these guys had stopped. Vince came out the next day to evaluate my job and gave me a very reasonable quote to do the job correctly. he came this week and finished it in 2 days with literally no mess just like he said! Vince, you are class act, thank you again for helping me through what began as an awful experience . BTW, I LOVE MY NEW CEILINGS!!! :)

Larry and Sandy Jones - Ocean Isle Beach  7/19/18

Vince's plaster technique to cover popcorn ceilings is fast and mess free. We had a large project, which Vince finished very quickly and at high quality. We are very happy with the way the smooth plaster looks. We also used Vince for crown modeling installation and a recessed lighting project. In addition to being highly skilled in basically anything home renovation related, he is also very professional. He worked very hard and we are beyond pleased with the quality of work. We definitely recommend his services and would definitely hire him again!

Eric in DeBordieu  9/23/18

Our house was built in 1987. It had popcorn ceilings everywhere. Over the years I have removed the popcorn from one room at a time- once by myself, and twice hired someone to scrape it off and refinish the ceiling. Each time this was a disaster. The fallout from the removal goes places you cannot imagine- into book spines, into the built-ins, deep into molding crevices, etc. That's BEFORE the mess made by sanding the repair mud. It took months to completely clean up the mess.


We have 735 sq. ft. of 19 foot ceilings in our great room that is shared by an upstairs open hallway leading to the bedrooms. I had no idea how that ceiling was ever going to be "de-popcorned". Then I stumbled onto this website. Vince Taylor came out to the house, explained the process, gave me a pair of 2x2 samples of his smooth and skip trowel work and quoted the job. I was optimistic about what was about to be done- fresh new ceilings in a very tall room.


Vince came out when he said he would and taped down rosin paper to protect the hardwoods. (His polite 11 yr old son helped!) Then he set up a very tall scaffold which was clean and new. He set up a mixing station outside out of the way. (mixing plaster is quite a job- and messy. There was zero mess when Vince broke down the mixing station after he finished the job)


The amount of work this man does in a day is amazing. He is neat, tidy, precise, and efficient. In very little time the job was done and was beautiful. The brightness of fresh white plaster is amazing. The house smelled new and clean. Vince replaced the light lenses and the A/C registers too. Everything looks better than new. My wife is thrilled with her new fresh rooms and so am I.


Vince is an old world craftsman. Wet plaster is an art, and superior in every way to sheet rock. It is a point of pride for me to boast of wet plaster ceilings to my buddies who understand fine home construction. It is a point of pride for Vince Taylor to do what he does so well, and to leave his customers better off than he found them. I only wish I had found Vince Taylor's services a few years ago!

Mike and Jo McCormack - Summertree Village - Myrtle Beach  3/10/2019'

Fantastic work a pleasure to deal with. Vince is always looking for ways to help you improve the look of your hhome. During our project , Vince came up with a number of ideas and solutions that enhanced the whole project . He is wonderful , a craftsman and down right good person. I would recommend him for any project tthat you have ....if he can do it ...it will be done right . Will have him back soon for a few other projects.